Earth Justice and Holiday Spirituality – RE December Topics

Every year the Unitarian Universalist Association selects a current and relevant book for the UU churches and fellowships to read, discuss, and act upon as a group. This year it has chosen Justice on Earth by Manish Mishra-Marzetti and Jennifer Nordstrom. It is about environmental justice. It’s also a prayer for greater unity, collaboration, and mutual support in all justice work we do. This book is a short read of about 150 pages.

Muriel Roberts will lead the discussion on December 9 at the church at 4:00 pm. While reading the entire book is not a requirement, it would be worthwhile.

On December 23 Bob Gehrke will facilitate a discussion on the spiritual aspects of the holiday season. What makes the holiday so inspiring spiritually? How do the various religious and non-religious holiday traditions participate in this season?

December 23 is the last RE session that has been scheduled so far. We will take a few minutes to plan the winter-spring schedule, if possible to the end of May.

RE is held the second and fourth Sundays of the month at the church at 4:00 pm. Please consider presenting or facilitating a session on one of the topics of religion, spirituality or social justice. If you already have a topic and a date to present, let Bob Gehrke know ASAP. Also, if anyone would like to join our current committee of one, let Bob know. We are open to new ideas. Remember, all are welcome whether you do a session, participate in the discussion or just take it in. See you in December.

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