Newcomers - Welcome!

We are glad you are here! Be sure to stay awhile after the service to visit with us. There is more information available in the front entry, and you can speak with anyone on our Membership Committee about the membership process.

We invite you here to find companionship, support, and an opportunity to grow and serve during your personal religious journey. Membership in this Fellowship is open to all, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Discover UU Classes

Are you interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and about the Pocatello UU Fellowship? If so, you are encouraged to attend our Discover UU classes. These classes address the history of Unitarian Universalism and how your personal theology fits into who we are as a faith movement today. All are welcome to attend, whether you are new to the Pocatello UU, a seasoned UU, or if you are just intetrested in learning a bit more about us.

If you plan to attend or would like to learn more, please call (208) 240-5352 or send an email to membership@pocatellouu.org.

We look forward to seeing you!

Things you might want to know

Dress at our church is always informal. Visitors will feel comfortable in business, casual, or contemporary social attire.

Wheelchair access is available through a door that is normally locked; just let us know of your needs. In addition, Assisted Listening Devices are available in the church.

For parents with small children, daycare is available at most PUUF services.

Our friendly greeters will be glad to help make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Parking is available beside and behind the building; in addition, members and visitors may park across the street in the Pocatello High School lot on Sundays.

Facebook Page

Keep up with us on our Facebook Page at Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship PUUF. It's updated almost daily and has lots of information and fun things to read.

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