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February 25

Religious Exploration    4:00 pm  with Pastor Jenny, Small Chapel

What is Full Week Faith?

Pastor Jenny will present on the new Religious Exploration Program, Full Week Faith, a fully online curriculum with weekly issues that include prayer, stories, music, faith-in-action events and more.

Just what is Full Week Faith, and how do we get it on our mobile devices? Come find
out, and try this fun program for connecting our UU principles to our daily lives.

March 4

Worship Service    4:00 pm with Pastor Jenny   TBA

Diversity for Sustainability

Inspired by the book, Signals and Boundaries: Building Blocks for Complex Adaptive Systems, by John H. Holland, this service’s reflection will consider cultural diversity among humans as an answer for sustainability in community. Linger Longer follows the service.

 March 11 Religious Exploration    4:00 pm with Jeffry Shelton


The ancient Roman Mystery Cult Mithraism was a religion practiced in the Roman Empire from the 1st to 3nd centuries A.D. chiefly by soldiers. Although some of the ritual practices of the cult are known, the beliefs of the cult were and are largely mysterious. Clues to what Mithraists believed have been found in the iconography of their temples. Jeff will inform us of what is presently believed about Mithraism.

March 18

Worship Service     4:00 pm with Pastor Jenny

Beauty from Brokenness

Pastor Jenny Peek's message is "Beauty in Brokenness," which is no modern concept or philosophy. In Japan, the art of Kintsugi is a method of repairing broken things with gold or golden lacquer so that the imperfections are beautifully highlighted. How can this appreciation for brokenness help us today? 
Join us in worship, for a hands-on activity of repairing broken things, and Pastor Jenny's reflection on Beauty in Brokenness. Special guest musician will be pianist and composer Ann Kapp Andersen. 

Following the service, we will have a short congregational meeting (see below). This is our 3rd Sunday, so please plan on staying for potluck dinner and fellowship.

March 18

Special Congregational Meeting     5:00 pm in the Sanctuary

Plan to attend a special congregational meeting immediately following the March 18 service, at 5:00 p.m. During this meeting, we will vote to ordain Pastor Jenny, projected for late September. If we vote to ordain, then we also will need to money to fly in and host up to ten people who will be supporting Jenny at the service. 

Absentee balloting will be available by emailing Mark Neiwirth neiwmark@isu.edu no later than 24 hours before the March 18 service. You may indicate "Yes to Ordain" or "No to Ordain" in the subject line—this will remain completely confidential.

 March 25

Religious Exploration    4:00 pm with Bob Gehrke 

Letting Go:  What it is and What it isn't

While this is a very broad subject, we will focus on its spiritual and social justice aspects. For those who would like an introduction to this very broad topic on which many
articles have been written, Bob has selected the following by Dr. Lawrence Wilson,
“ Letting Go.” The article can be found at: http://drlwilson.com/Articles/letting_go.htm

 April 8

Religious Exploration     4:00  Small Chapel  with Jennifer Attebery

Thinking About Money From a UU Religious Point of View (1 of 2)


April 22

Religious Exploration     4:00  Small Chapel  with Jennifer Attebery

Thinking About Money From a UU Religious Point of View (2 of 2)


 May 20, 2018 ANNUAL MEETING  (Please note the earlier date this year.)


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