Education: “Money From a UU View” Part 1

“Thinking About Money From a UU Religious Point of View” 

Money is a subject that evokes a great deal of anxiety in many of us, so much so that it is a topic of conversation nearly as forbidden as sex. Furthermore, we tend not to think about money and religion as having much in common. Come to Religious Exploration at the Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on April 8 and April 22 to explore how we can think about money as religious people guided by our principles.

The first session will focus on financial generosity as it is espoused by Michelle Singletary, personal financial columnist for the Washington Post. Singletary, a Baptist, has developed a 21-day financial fast designed to help people discern what is most important in their lives. The fast is based on Singletary’s experience raised in poverty by an inspiring grandmother.

The second session will take up the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Statement of Conscience (SoC) adopted at General Assembly in June 2017, “Escalating Economic Inequity.” The SoC sets forth ways in which individual UUs and whole congregations can act to address this growing problem in the USA.

RE sessions usually last about 90 minutes. Feel free to bring a light snack to share.

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