Sunday Worship: “Is ‘Mission’ a Dangerous Word… ?”

Is ‘Mission’ a Dangerous Word for Religious Liberals?

As religious liberals’ theology adapts and expands with new knowledge, scientific discoveries and advanced understanding of pluralism, intersectionality, and decentering ‘truth’ of dominant culture, what happens to ‘mission’? It once meant proselytizing and evangelizing for Christianity, teaching the ways of the Abrahamic God, promoting a very specific ‘truth’ about right and wrong on everything from the origin of life to who can marry whom.  Religious liberals of today may rightly struggle with this history, yet, we too have a mission. Our liberal religious principles compel us to the public sphere for justice. Where then  is our prophetic voice, preaching in the public sphere about a theology that expands in love for our diversity of faith, sexual orientation and all gender identities, nationality, race and ethnicity, spiritual beliefs and practices? This Sunday, Pastor Jenny Peek will address this topic. Stay afterward for lively conversation and refreshments.

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