Pastor Jenny Peek

Ordination Sunday

The Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will ordain Jennifer “Jenny” Peek, bestowing the lifetime title upon her of “Reverend”. Clergy who have helped in Pastor Jenny’s ministerial formation, along with her family and friends, are traveling to our city for this very special ceremony. Our neighboring … read more.

In-Gathering, with Water Communion

Where has the water been found for you, this summer? Bring a small amount, from travels or from your kitchen sink. More importantly, bring your stories of water. This much loved annual tradition is practiced in many Unitarian Universalist communities. Whether you are a long-time … read more.

“Remembering Emerson”

Our service will honor Ralph Waldo Emerson by considering his place in Unitarianism’s expanding theology. We may not speak explicitly of transcendentalism today, but its impact is apparent in our principles and values. Come, enjoy some of our history, and worship freely, knowing you are … read more.

Unity & Diversity – How Are We United?

Join us for a casual summer service. Pastor Jenny will share her reflection on the importance of faith community, for its members and for the wider community of which it is a part. Time will be provided for conversation about the topic. Weather permitting, this … read more.

Unity & Diversity

With our monthly ministry theme of “Unity & Diversity”, Pastor Jenny is offering services that will stand alone but may be best enjoyed attending both. First Sunday, August 3rd, the topic is simply, “What Divides Us”. We will enjoy our late summer service outdoors on … read more.

Sunday Worship UPDATE:

Please note: Our campout & worship in the woods this weekend has been canceled.

Instead, we will have regular worship at 4:00 pm, at 309 N Garfield. Hope to see you there! Our topic will be, “Knowing our Neighbors”. How do current events in our world … read more.

Sunday Worship: “Is ‘Mission’ a Dangerous Word… ?”

Is ‘Mission’ a Dangerous Word for Religious Liberals?

As religious liberals’ theology adapts and expands with new knowledge, scientific discoveries and advanced understanding of pluralism, intersectionality, and decentering ‘truth’ of dominant culture, what happens to ‘mission’? It once meant proselytizing and evangelizing for Christianity, teaching the … read more.

Flower Communion

This an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. People are encouraged to bring a flower to celebrate the renewal of Summer Season. A Ceremony involving giving and receiving a flower will be held. Flowers will also be provided. … read more.