Speaker: Rev. Jenny Peek

Sunday Service – Flower Communion

“Flower Communion” – Join us this Sunday for a lovely Unitarian Universalist tradition of celebrating Spring. Bring a fresh-cut flower to brighten the altar, and choose a different flower to take home with you. Rev. Jenny will share a message. (Service will be followed … read more.

Sunday Service – Origins of Humanism

Rev. Jenny has a special treat for us this Sunday! Through the wonders of time travel, come meet the “Father of Religious Humanism”: John H. Dietrich. Learn about this significant shift in Unitarianism, and how it continues to impact us today.

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Sunday Service – Faith and Environmental Stewardship

“Faith and Environmental Stewardship: How Unitarian Universalists
Address Climate Change”

Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. The Fellowship will offer a candid
consideration of the Anthropocene Age and the role people of faith have in leading conversations and solutions for future generations.

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Sunday Service – Immigration Justice

Join us this Sunday for a special worship service. Your Worship Committee is preparing a morality play, focused on immigration justice. This promises to be an inspirational and relevant experience for us all.