Member Spotlight:  Jeff Shelton




Jeff Shelton, PUUF Vice President    


I was born in Decatur, Illinois. I moved to Pocatello with my family in 1965. We first lived in the Alameda part of Pocatello. Alameda was once its own municipality, but then was annexed by Pocatello at roughly the same time. I remember hanging out at Cosabums kindergarten. This had what I thought was a large house converted into a day care with a sunken yard halfway around the house. I attended Lewis and Clark elementary with my brother and sister until the third grade, when we moved to a house closer to ISU in 1971. I then attended Washington elementary. Up to that time, there was an active Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship in Pocatello. I remember doing arts and crafts in the UU Sunday school which I attended. But the Pocatello UUs were basically defunct after 1971. They would meet once a year, however, in the early spring at the lower level of Ross Park for a pancake breakfast. This prompted my brother to say pancakes and syrup were Unitarian sacrament.

I enjoy cross country skiing in the winter. I occasionally go fishing in the summer. I don’t do either very often, but the winters lately have not been good for skiing. Fish don’t thrive in drought conditions either. I played the violin in the school orchestra a long time ago and I retain some knowledge from that experience. In 2002 I bought a 20 button concertina and have learned a few songs, mostly by ear.

I always had an interest in the social sciences. History, civics, and ancient civilizations were my favorite subjects in school. I studied anthropology at ISU, and graduated in 1989. I worked for the Natural History Museum for a time as an archaeological field and lab technician. In 1991 I got a job doing the same thing for the Bureau of Land Management in Shoshone, Idaho. Since 2001 I have worked for North Wind, an environmental assessment and clean up company, which has a small natural and cultural sciences division.  





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