30 Days of Love 2021 – Side With Love

In 2021, 30 Days of Love focuses on four themes from a recently published report called Widening the Circle of Concern, which was developed by the Commission on Institutional Change, a UUA Board commissioned group charged with researching, reporting, and making recommendations for transforming white supremacy and other oppressions in the institutional history and practices of the UUA and its 1,000-plus congregations and covenanted communities.

The themes include: Living our values in the world; Hospitality and inclusion; Educating for liberation; and, Restoration and repair. Each theme then provides venues for exploration, including reading, watching, participating, listening, and worship.

Links especially for kids, youth, and family/multigenerational are offered for exploring all the themes in tailored ways to suit every interest.
The general link is provided below, and from there feel free to navigate all thirty days! Our PUUF forum, the group under our Facebook page, could be a great space for you to share what you have enjoyed among our group.


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