The morning of Saturday January 15th , 2022 I realized I needed to find a Chalice lighting to begin our Fellowship’s De-briefing meeting of Festival of the Lights. So on my drive to the Meeting House I began to memorize my own little ditty…

“May we light this chalice in the spirit of love, support and creativity as we review The Festival of the Lights. And may we hold and congratulate ourselves in humble pride for our extremely successful event.”

So I get to the Meeting House and there is a little crisis going on regarding the lack of Internet Service.
Resolution decided upon….all go home to resume on ZOOM….in 1/2 hour.

As Reverend Jenny and I are leaving and closing up the Meeting House, she mentions she has a Chalice lighting all picked out for the day. I am relieved. Her reading was enriching and spoke of our community connection.

Jenny also gave the chalice extinguishing at the close of the meeting, from Elizabeth Selle Jones. It has become our standard: ” We extinguish this flame, but not the light of truth, the warmth of community or the fire of commitment, these we carry in our hearts until we are together again.”

Now, if it were up to me….I figured I would have jimmied something together during our meeting….like :
“As we extinguish this chalice may we continue to humbly languish in our pride for such a successful event. We will take our plans to work together again, creating another successful community offering, celebrating Holidays and Unitarian Universalism in 2022.”

I am always grateful for Reverend Jenny’s leadership and on that Saturday, for her chalice reading choices….and I realized I can jimmy them up too….
My chalice readings honored all that our Fellowship created and celebrated this past Holiday Season and the success we have felt together. Spoken or Unspoken.

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