A Note From Our Minister

Dear Ones,
I am excited to share the news with you that the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) convened February 1st to review renewal applications for ministers in preliminary fellowship, including my own. Tuesday, I received the word that I am welcomed into full fellowship! This honor is one I feel is shared with you, and especially the leadership of PUUF.

Eight years ago, I applied for seminary, but that is just the educational portion of UU ministry. At the same time, ministerial aspirants apply for candidate status with the MFC. A long set of requirements for both tracks–educational and UU ministerial–run concurrently. Once I earned my MDiv (master of divinity), the MFC interviewed me and granted preliminary fellowship, including their blessing to seek a congregation to serve. This brought me to Pocatello’s Search Committee and serving you as your minister. In 2018, Pocatello UU Fellowship ordained me, so bestowing me with the lifetime title of reverend. In our faith, congregations alone can do this. The preliminary fellowship status however continues on until such time as I submit and receive three successful renewal applications, the third for me being this outcome of full fellowship.

Members of the Board for three years, and members of the Committee on Ministry, have given me their best, honest and most helpful input with feedback and suggestions in the annual evaluation processes. I have worked and will continue to work to live up to your hopes and expectations in me as your minister.

This milestone, eight years in the making, is a joyous one for me and I am so glad to share it with you all, here at Pocatello UU Fellowship.

Thank you for your trust and willingness to journey with me in our shared ministry.

In peace,
Rev. Jenny

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