Status of our PUUF facility

The removal of the wall partition separating the two worship rooms has been completely removed as of October 13, The ADA bathroom is about half finished, and the space in the floor where the wall was needs to be filled in. Some patching of the … read more.

Religious Exploration in November – December

In keeping with our 2020-21 RE theme of social justice, November and December sessions will be devoted to Edgar Villanueva’s book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance.

The book is available from many bookstores/online purchasing sources. RE attendees will be able … read more.

New Start Date for Healing program

Healing the Wounds of Our Religious Past was set to start October 4th. We opened the all online first session and learned that a few folks interested in participating weren’t able to join in that day. If you wish to participate in Healing the Wounds, … read more.

Board Approves Fund Raising Auction

At the Sept. 22 PUUF Board meeting the board approved our working with Premier Auctions and Tanner Hernandez to have a fund raising auction in late February 2021. Jim Mariani agreed to be the Ad Hoc chair and so far enlisted Mary Eng to help. … read more.

Food Bank for October

Our scheduled dates for PUUF to volunteer at the Food Bank for this month are Wednesday, October 7, and Wednesday, October 21. You are welcome to begin at 5:00 or 5:30 pm, depending on your availability. The tasks are done by 7 pm, often earlier … read more.

Casual Check-ins and Community Hour Ending

Effective at the close of Friday, October 2nd, two of our online gatherings are discontinued.

These are: 1:00pm Casual Check-ins that were offered Tuesdays — Fridays, and the BYOB Community Hour that was offered Tuesday nights at 9:00pm. These opportunities for casual get-togethers were enjoyed … read more.

Update on PUUF Moving Plan

The packing of PUUF items at the UCC building is nearly done. The dates for the next phases will be postponed a bit because we may be able to remove a wall during the next week. Removing the wall will open up a larger space … read more.

A Long Strange Trip – Watch Party Series

A Long Strange Trip (not the 1970s Grateful Dead reference) is a documentary series on DVD, all about Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists! This six-part series (seven, since we’re including a bonus film at the end!) will be offered “Watch Party” style via Zoom, each … read more.

Moving Plans

Work is proceeding on remodeling the bathroom at PUUF’s new home. We are planning our moving schedule around that construction work as much as possible. Our current plan is as follows:

Packing items at UCC
We have four main areas to pack: the office, worship supplies in … read more.