Board Approves Fund Raising Auction

At the Sept. 22 PUUF Board meeting the board approved our working with Premier Auctions and Tanner Hernandez to have a fund raising auction in late February 2021. Jim Mariani agreed to be the Ad Hoc chair and so far enlisted Mary Eng to help. Tanner will provide one of this staff to work with us to make this a smooth operation.

Please start considering items you are willing to provide. The board set a goal of $7,500 to cover the matching amount of the grant awarded last spring from the Pacific Northwest UU Growth Foundation. Say tuned as more details are announced.

Types of items to be considered for auction:

  1. Gift baskets, restaurant gift certificates, other gift items
  2. Tutoring math, English, etc., music lessons.
  3. Art including antiques
  4. Travel: airline award tickets, Bed and breakfast, fishing and hiking trips, etc.
  5. Sporting goods including camping, skiing, boating, hunting and fishing, biking, etc.
  6. Garden supplies including mowers, snow blowers, power rakes, chain saws, etc.
  7. Entertainment including concert, sports events, plays, etc.
  8. Computer supplies including home desk top computers, lap tops, phones, storage drives, etc.
  9. Music including DVDs, CDs, vinyl’s, stereo equipment, radios, TV’s, etc.
  10. Toys including bicycles, skate boards, scooters, Legos, etc.
  11. Labor yard clean up, mowing, snow removal, etc.
  12. Furniture

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