Covid-19 Relief Checks on the way

Two events I would like to mention occurred this week. First, Many of us received our $1200 Covid-19 relief funds into our checking accounts, or in the mail.

Second, I read the ISJ letters to the editor Tuesday morning and one sent by Robert Marcinko caught my eye. He indicated that while there are many individuals and families severely struggling financially, some are not in that situation.

I quote, “As it always feels good to receive money, especially when it comes somewhat “free”, keep in mind that there are a lot of people truly suffering from the pandemic and that there are a lot of charitable organizations that are struggling to help those in need. So if you really don’t need it (the money), how about putting in an effort to donate some, if not all, of the money you receive to a good charity…”

Please give Robert Marcinko’s suggestion serious thought.

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