Fellowship Life in May 2021

Sundays in May: Our 9:30am gatherings continue, with worship services first, third and fifth Sundays and “RE” (religious exploration) discussions on second and fourth Sundays. Our Spring Worship series, “This I Believe”, concludes with a reflection by Jim Mariani on May 2nd. Our May 16th service will feature a musical tribute to the life and work of Neil Young, with Rev. Jenny and Braeden Udy coordinating—and singing! This will be an enjoyable short service, ahead of our Fellowship’s annual meeting.
On second and fourth Sundays, our lively RE (Religious Exploration) discussions cover participant-driven topics. For details, look for updates by RE Coordinator, Jim Mariani.

Wednesday Meditations: Our 11:00am Wednesday group practices mindful meditation, a silent sit for 30 minutes. All levels of experience and interest welcome, coming late or leaving early is okay.

Thursday WOW group: Our 7:00pm weekly WOW (Wellness on the Web) group explores topics of individual and societal wellness. Each week, recommended homework for the given topic is shared via our Google group, “Daily Online Gatherings PUUF” (search Google groups or email Rev. Jenny, minister@pocatellouu.org to join).

In-Between Support Group: (Third Tuesdays monthly) Tuesday, May 18th, 7:00pm. In-Betweeners are folks who either have adult children in varying stages of independence, or have aging parents with changing needs, or have both adult children and aging parents. Together we share our uncertainties and insights, our laughter and some tears, as we navigate this precious space “in-between”.

Friday Fun in Fellowship Night: Friday, May 21st, 7:00pm. Gather for games, music, jokes and skits, sometimes poetry and prose…and above all, for Fun in Fellowship!

Racial Justice & Equity, UU Values, and the Proposed 8th Principle: Wednesday, May 12th, 5:30pm. Join Rev. Jenny for this discussion as we learn more about our UUA’s history and current efforts to live fully into our values as a justice-seeking people. Samuel Prince, who spoke on the 8th Principle and Us in April, will join us as his schedule permits for this and future discussions.

Links for all these events and any others that may be added throughout the month are most readily found by receiving our brief daily emails via the Daily Online Gatherings PUUF Google group. If you are not receiving these emails, please notify Rev. Jenny and she will add you. minister@pocatellouu.org We are also working to add all links to our website, pocatellouu.org, and Facebook page. Many of the links are on our Links Page.

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