Festival of Lights was on Dec 18, 2021

Link to photos on Facebook: Photos of Festival of Lights, 2021

On December 18 in the Rotunda of the Stephens Performing Arts Center, the Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (UUs) presented the 33rd Annual Festival of Lights, a celebration of holiday traditions from around the world. From midwinter celebrations, to rituals and practices that inspire merrymaking and reflection, the Festival of Lights includes musical performances, sing-alongs, and readings of stories that have brought people together for generations.

Deep appreciation to the organizers, performers, and attendees.  Our Festival of Lights was a big success in its new location!

With over 100 attendees, we enjoyed songs, stories, and refreshments under the dimming skies.  The Rotunda provided a warm and elegant location for our annual holiday event.

Best of all, the Food Bank received a gift of $2200.  At four meals for each dollar, that comes to food for 8800 families.

Enjoy the photo album on Facebook here.

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