GAYT: Loose Change for Social Change

“Our Guest at Your Table support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s international work invites us to set aside loose change or even some folding money for collection January 17, 2021.

The following link will open to provide information on UUSC’s work, including the inspirational stories of four ‘guests at your table’. How much loose change could you set aside for UUSC? Set a goal, and on Sunday January 17th, send a check or e-donation to PUUF for that amount. Put “”GAYT”” in the dedication/memo line.

Pocatello UU Fellowship is a proud supporter of UUSC’s work through the GAYT program for many years. Together indeed we accomplish much!”

Link to UUSC’s work: GAYT-2020-21-Stories-of-Hope

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