Honoring Rev. Jenny

It was with  pride  and excitement that our congregation received the announcement that Reverend Jenny had attained Full Fellowship in the Unitarian Universalist Association.

When we initially called Rev. Jenny to serve our community in 2018, she was a pastor in the UUA.  She had obtained her Master’s in Divinity  degree from Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary in Chicago and had served an internship as well.  Our congregation supported her eligibility to become ordained in 2019.   Ordination was not only successful, but we had a big celebration and beautiful ceremony.

After Rev. Jenny’s ordination, our Board of Directors and her Committee on Ministry continued to complete annual evaluations of her work as our minister. Evaluations  required extensive feedback regarding many aspects of her ministry.  Her recent status of Full Fellowship has referred to those evaluations and our comprehensive descriptions of her progress, and our progress, since she has been with us.

Another celebration was due.  The Committee on Ministry decided to honor Reverend Jenny with a surprise visit while she was leading our Zoom service on February 21, 2001.  During Joys and Concerns,  the three COM members entered the Great Room of our new Meeting House while she was alone, televising the service.  We were masked, carrying flowers and gifts.  She was definitely surprised.  Those in the Fellowship were prepared ahead of time, keeping the plan a secret and watching it unfold on Zoom.

So, we carry on together with a Fully Fellowshipped UU minister.  PUUF has come a long way in our three years with Reverend Jenny, and plan to continue moving forward together.

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