Full Week Faith, Religious Exploration “on the go” – is a fully accessible, online program for today’s families and individuals. This free program provides daily activities to explore our monthly ministry theme. For instance, in May we explored the ministry theme, “Beloved Community”. Activities included stories, music, videos, prayers and local social justice events that explore and promote “Beloved Community”.

Current Issues of Full Week Faith:

Webinars by Pacific Western Region of the UUA

You may watch the archived webinars, “Death of Sunday School”, and “Full Week Faith”  on YouTube:

  • Death of Sunday School    The dire title is dramatic, but the issue is not really frightening. It merely names a challenging trend for people of faith in the 21st century. Such naming inspires creative solutions.
  • Full Week Faith

The Importance of FWF

When PUUF’s religious educators reached out to understand better how to support families, we learned the following:

  • Families want to spend free-time together. The old Sunday School model competes for this time instead of enhancing it. They want meaningful activities, prayer, stories, music, and a list of community events to attend.
  • Themes, like Wisdom, Beloved Community, and Freedom are best explored when we keep them in the front of our minds for longer periods of time. For this reason, Full Week Faith follows a monthly theme. We hope that even a few minutes a day spent considering the theme will deepen understanding, develop our values and principles, and enrich our lives.
  • Worship time can be family time again! With our online curriculum for Religious Exploration, when families come to church they stay together. Activity Packets are provided with prompts to help children engage with the day’s message. Activities include some suggested questions for discussion after the service.

With Full Week Faith, Religious Exploration “on the go” becomes the joy-filled family time it is meant to be. Your family will have opportunity to think about the monthly themes, explore definitions, and grow together.

Our Fellowship launched Full Week Faith in December of 2017 and it is being offered again September, 2018 through May, 2019. Check out a few past issues here:

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