Line the Street in October

As the  UU Board President for the church year 2021–2022 I’ve decided to carry on the tradition of a president’s column  in the newsletter….once a month.

Though it is the end of October, I want to re-visit the Reproductive Rights March that was held here in Pocatello on the 2nd of October.  It was due to  a large effort on the part of Reverend Jenny,  joining with the Pocatello People of Color United  that the March was initiated, organized and happened;  And though it was more like a “Line the Street” vs a “March” it took place for 2 hours  that Saturday afternoon.  Our presence  made a statement regarding the need for Women to have available  and appropriate healthcare.

For us local UU’s it was gratifying to have both Reverend Jenny and Jim Mariani quoted in the Idaho Sate Journal.   Their points were about our minority voices needing to be heard and the governance of our state continuing to be aware of our minority  beliefs.  Both  the area of Women’s healthcare needs and the potential  loss of rights to appropriate care if Roe Vs. Wade is overturned Federally  and states choose the care for their female citizens were the focus of Reverend Jenny and Jim’s remarks.  They represented  so clearly the  values that we UUs hold dearly…. that all have inherent worth and dignity…male or female, pregnant or not…in need of care or beyond.
Well spoken you two!

It was a relevant community presence  and a  positive connection with PPOCU  for our Fellowship. 

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