Long Strange Trip Continues – Mar. 6

UU History Movie Series: A Long, Strange Trip! Sunday, March 6th: 3:30pm – 5:00pm. Online only.

Our Unitarian Universalist history has its origins in the early days of Judaism and Christianity, yet today’s UU may seldom notice that connection. How did we get where we are today as a faith without doctrine, valuing questions as much as and sometimes more than answers? Join our watch party series to learn more! Online only, via Zoom. All are welcome! Film lasts about an hour, followed time for discussion.

Part 4: Universalism. Our journey through 2,000 years of our faith’s development continues with Part 4, documenting the development of Universalism from the early German and English pietists to John Murray, Elhanan Winchester, and Hosea Ballou. Details the unprecedented expansion of Universalist churches across the United States in the first half of the 19th century, and discusses why this movement began its precipitous decline after the death of Ballou in 1850.

Our forum is online-only, via Zoom. The documentary is an hour long, and discussion time afterwards is about half an hour more or less. Join us Online only, via Zoom link here. All are welcome!

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