Medicaid Expansion Initiative – PUUF Represents!

Medicaid Expansion has stalled at our state capitol for five years. Some folks decided it was time to change that. Signatures were collected for a Medicaid Expansion Initiative: a non-partisan voice of the people declaring it is TIME for our representatives to close the gap in our healthcare system.

PUUF members and friends, each according to conscience and individual choice, signed the petition and helped the local organizer to collect thousands of signatures throughout Bannock County this spring. This effort, repeated all throughout the state, was wildly successful. Regardless of political ideology, Idahoans want their loved ones, their neighbors and friends, to have healthcare they can afford and depend on. PUUF members, Bob and Mary Gehrke, traveled to Boise on Friday, July 5th, to witness the signature delivery and celebrate! This is a stellar example of how we fulfill our mission and live true to our principles! Visit Our Beliefs page for more about mission, principles, and covenant: Our Beliefs

Now, to vote it through in November!

Idahoans for Healthcare turns in over 70,000 signatures calling for Medicaid expansion on the November ballot to Idaho Secretary of State Lawrence Denney at the state Capitol building in Boise on July 5, 2018. Medicaid expansion would bring healthcare to 62,000 Idahoans. (Otto Kitsinger for Idahoans for Healthcare)

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