Moving Plans

Work is proceeding on remodeling the bathroom at PUUF’s new home. We are planning our moving schedule around that construction work as much as possible. Our current plan is as follows:

Packing items at UCC
We have four main areas to pack: the office, worship supplies in the bell tower, Children’s RE room, and storage items in the basement. Packing the office will continue this weekend, September 26 and 27, under the direction of Jennifer Attebery, Braeden Udy, and Rev. Jenny Peek. Packing the worship items will commence this weekend under the direction of Brian and Jennifer Attebery. Packing the other two rooms will be scheduled soon.

Cleaning the new space at 426 W. Lewis:
Jennifer Attebery lists the tasks as dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, cleaning sink and bathroom fixtures, and cleaning a small area of floor. This is planned for Saturday, October 10.

Moving items from UCC to new location:
We have offers of plenty of help and appropriate vehicles from our ecumenical neighbors. This is planned for Friday afternoon, October 16, and/or Saturday, October 17.

Unpacking or storing items at new location:
As items arrive.

The dates for cleaning, moving and unpacking could be pushed a week later in October if the bathroom remodel takes more time or if the weather in inclement.

Please contact Don Allen at or 208-530-3605 (text or call) if you would like to help with any of these tasks. Five volunteers is probably the most we would need for any task besides the packing. We anticipate plenty of help for the move itself.

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