New Home Found for PUUF

The PUUF Board and Rev. Jenny Peek toured the location recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Relocation at 426 West Lewis and the Board has agreed to lease this location beginning October 1. Rent and utilities will be slightly less than our current rent at the UCC building. There are four rooms for PUUF office, meeting space, minister’s study, and kitchen/bathroom/storage.

The landlord has kindly agreed to remodel the bathroom for ADA compliance and to allow us to begin moving during September. In the future with removal of one non-bearing wall at PUUF expense, we will be able to have a 512 square foot worship space large enough to accommodate between 25 and 50 people depending upon seating arrangement.

Stay posted for more information about how you can help PUUF with moving our current property and obtaining new furniture and appliances.

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