New Start Date for Healing program

Healing the Wounds of Our Religious Past was set to start October 4th. We opened the all online first session and learned that a few folks interested in participating weren’t able to join in that day. If you wish to participate in Healing the Wounds, our program’s revised schedule begins Sunday, October 18th, still at 1:30pm.

This four-session workshop is designed for participants to explore their journeys of faith, deepen awareness of their lived experiences and how this informs their faith development today. Through activities, journaling and small group discussion, participants support and encourage one another. Healing the Wounds is recommended but not a mandatory prerequisite for the 2021 Spring series, which explores personal theology development.

Bring pen and paper, or your favorite writing or drawing materials. Call or text Rev. Jenny 208-380-1084 if interested or with questions. Email also good:

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