BIDDING has begun for the PUUF on-line auction

The on-line Auction is scheduled to end March 6th. However, you can bid NOW. Go to and scroll to the bottom.

GOODS AND SERVICES still NEEDED as value of items donated to date is far short of meeting the $5,000 grant match!! Please seriously consider submitting one or more items or services for the auction NOW.

All sorts of items will be accepted including books, CDs, art, furniture, electronics, appliances, tools, etc. Examples of services: tutoring for various subjects, music lessons, overnight stays etc.

Below are links to two forms: a two-page instruction sheet and a donation item sheet. You’ll need to print the item sheet. Item sheets can also be mailed to you upon request.

Here are links for two forms:
Instruction Sheet, Two pages
Item Donation Description Sheet.

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