Rev. Jenny on Study Leave in August

Our minister, Rev. Jenny, will be on study leave for the month of August. While she works out programming, worship plans, and readings for September through June, we will notice some differences in our August gatherings.

First, some events will not happen. The Casual Check-ins, Tuesday-Friday, will be canceled for August. The Tuesday night BYOB Community Hour likewise will be canceled.

Second, some events will happen with other leaders and facilitators. Our Sunday worship gatherings (Summer Salons); weekly Wellness on the Web; and monthly Third Fridays Fun Night and the In Between Support group will still be offered in August.

Pastoral care we need will be met by our Caring Committee. They can be reached via email at, or by your directories calling the members of the team: Ann Swanson, chair; Mary Gehrke; Valez Bird.
The study leave is four weeks long. As Rev. Jenny is regularly off duty for fifth Sundays, she will take that last weekend off for personal rest and recreation. On September 1st, Rev. Jenny will be back with us.

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