When Human Rights are Served as Selective White Privilege, What’s a UU to DO About It?

Today’s service originally was going to include our minister’s reflection on the topic of Human Rights and White Privilege. But we as UUs have been called to deepen our work of de-centering Euro-American or white voices in our worship services.

Instead, our worship service is uniquely prophetic: Through the contributions, writings and music of People of Color, this service calls to us who identify as white to listen, humbly and perhaps with some discomfort, to the lived reality of black UUs. This discomfort is both a gesture of hospitality to voices that have not been heard enough, and a sign that we’re growing in the right direction. Let’s lean into that discomfort, together.

Discussion will be facilitated for all interested, during the Linger Longer after the service. Children’s Religious Exploration will be available during the service. Becky Hardy and Chris Crivello coordinate; Mark Neiwirth will provide music.

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