Speaker: Rev. Jenny Peek

Sunday Service Online – BLM!

Black Lives Matter! Our worship gathering, with Rev. Jenny leading and Mark Niewirth as worship coordinator, will reflect on celebrating the resilience and the power of Black, Indigenous, People of Color in the ongoing struggle for justice and equity. 

All our gatherings continue 100% online. To receive … read more.

Sunday Service Online – HELLO 2021

This will be a 9:30am morning service.


Our worship gathering will feature a special burning ritual for all who seek ways to ‘let go and welcome in’. Rev. Jenny Peek will host the online service from the Fellowship’s new … read more.

Sunday Service Online – Values into Action

Waitsill and Martha Sharp put their values into action in 1939, assisting people escape persecution and death in the rise of Nazism and Hitler. To live true to our values, or to ‘walk the talk’, has real impact and consequences worth consideration.

By what measure … read more.

Sunday Service Online

This Sunday our congregation will kick off its annual loose change educational and fundraising program for the internationally active UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee). 

The program is “Guest at Your Table” and features people from around the world. We will meet the guests via video as we … read more.

Sunday Service Online – Remembrance

Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, Day of Remembrance: These annual holy days all express and embody our need to come together, naming our loved ones who have passed. Gone in body, with us always in so many ways.

For this special online service, please … read more.

Sunday Service Online – Justice

This Sunday our topic is “Coming Out for Justice”. Coming out can be a courageous act that aids the moral arc of the universe in its trek towards justice.

Rev. Jenny brings us this message, with Jim Mariani as Worship Coordinator.  

Sunday, October 18th, 4:00pm Zoom Link: … read more.

Sunday Service Online

“Five and a half Cars”, or, “Glimpsing Moments of Perfection and Daring to Own our Influence in Bringing More of those Moments into the World”

Sunday Service Online – In Gathering

Our casual summer salons end for another season, and our in-gathering marks the beginning of our Fall and Winter services. How do you bid summer farewell this year? How do you open your heart to a new season of worship, learning, and striving for beloved … read more.