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As our hearts and minds are flooded with concern, grief, fear and hope for the people of Ukraine and from around the world where there is so much suffering, we wonder how might we help? The following information is from our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA):

This UUA statement amplifies the Unitarian Universalist outcry against the terrible events in Ukraine. Russian aggression is a stark reminder of the authoritarianism and imperialism of colonialist ideologies globally—which endanger the lives and well-being of BIPOC individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and other marginalized populations. The statement includes information from our organizational partners to help us grapple with the intersectionality of world events and take meaningful action in response to the crisis. Link:

Supporting Those Impacted
At the time that news broke about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Unitarian Universalists were also outraged at the harmful Texas legislation attacking trans children and their families—which is an affront to the worth and dignity of the entire human family. Side With Love issued a statement making important connections between the violations occurring domestically and abroad. Link:

From Texas To Ukraine
UU World partnered with Bruce Knotts, Director of the UU office at the United Nations, to highlight valuable history and perspective on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In this story, Knotts shares background on the early UU connections to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Link:

Ukraine And Our Commitment To Peace
The UUA has been working closely with our partners at the UU Service Committee, an organization dedicated to advancing human rights and social justice, to support an international community of grassroots partners and advocates. They have created an emergency relief fund to support Ukraine and we are committed to amplifying their humanitarian work. Link:

UUSC Emergency Relief Fund
Staff in our International Resources office have been in contact with Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists outside of the United States. They have gathered information on additional ways to help those impacted. Learn how you can support the refugee work of the Hungarian Unitarian Church and the Faithify campaign of the International Women’s Convocation.

Additional International Resources
ICYMI: Last month, we shared a Twitter thread on the diversity of belief and practice and the uniqueness of Unitarian Universalism’s non-creedal faith, and it resonated with many. Join us on Twitter to read this thread and find more spiritual connections.

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