Update on PUUF Moving Plan

The packing of PUUF items at the UCC building is nearly done. The dates for the next phases will be postponed a bit because we may be able to remove a wall during the next week. Removing the wall will open up a larger space to use for meetings. If we can remove it this month, we will have a major dust mess once instead of twice.

Cleaning new space: Saturday, Oct 17, if the wall removal is complete or deferred.
This is postponed from the prior Saturday.

Moving items from UCC to new PUUF space: Saturday, October 24. If all goes well.

I suggest all you PUUF volunteers make your plans for the month. If you are available for cleaning and/or moving when those dates are settled, we will be delighted to have your hearts and minds and muscles contributing to the Fellowship.

Thank you, Don Allen, Ad hoc moving coordinator

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