Last week, we shared the delegate-adopted SOC (Statement of Conscience), which can be found in its entirety at this link: 2021 Statement of Conscience. Simply put, Unitarian Universalists are committing to putting our thoughts (values), words (promises) into action. Here, taken verbatim from the full text of the SOC, is a section providing some ‘how to’ guidance on that action:

Engage with the movement, in our communities and nation, to heal the evil of racism. A vital and dynamic movement to overcome racism and dismantle systems of supremacy is rising across our nation and as Unitarian Universalists we must contribute to this momentum. We can fortify this movement for justice by participating in and organizing social action to denounce injustices such as police brutality, theft of native lands, environmental racism, mass incarceration, cruel responses to immigration, ableism in all its forms which discriminates and harms disabled people (with variations of body and mind), fat discrimination, criminalization of poverty, restricted reproductive rights, transphobia, lack of health care and education, and more. We can join in action outlined in the GA 2020 Actions of Immediate Witness (“Address 400 Years of White Supremacist Colonialism” and “Amen to Uprising: A Commitment and Call to Action”). Acting for justice in these important movements, we must be vigilant to the manifestations of systemic white supremacy. We must not only observe and affirm this movement, but engage in bold action with and support of people on the front lines. Actions can include street protest; advocacy; resource sharing; local, regional, and national campaigns; letter-writing; community asset building; and more. The key is organizing with strategic accountability while building sustainable communities of resistance. 

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