The Voice is published monthly and emailed to members and friends of the Fellowship. We post online versions here in image format to protect the privacy of our members and friends from bots. So, if you would like to be on the emailing list to regularly receive The Voice, please visit our Contact Page and submit a request with your email address.

Current Issue in image format:

Oct 2019 Issue 3.6 MB


Links to Past issues of The Voice:

Sep 2019 Issue 1.6 MB

Jul/Aug 2019 Issue 2.8 MB

Jun 2019 Issue 2.7 MB

May 2019 Issue 1.4 MB

Apr 2019 Issue 2.6 MB

Mar 2019 Issue 1.7 MB

Jan 2019 Issue 1.4 MB

Dec 2018 Issue 2.6 MB

Nov 2018 Issue 1.4 MB

Oct 2018 Issue 1.2 MB

Sep 2018 Issue 1.9 MB

Jul / Aug 2018 Issue 0.8 MB