Our Minister: Pastor Jenny Peek   minister@pocatellouu.org

Board of Directors: 

President: Bob Gehrke  president@pocatellouu.org
Vice-President:  (President-Elect):  Becky Hardy
Past President:  Jennifer Attebery
Secretary:  Braeden Udy
Treasurer:  Jennifer Attebery,  treasurer@pocatellouu.org
Director at Large:  Ann Swanson
Director at Large: (not filled)
Director at Large: (not filled)

General Office Email, office@pocatellouu.org

Committees and Other Contacts:

Worship Committee: worship@pocatellouu.org

Newsletter Editor, Ann Swanson, newsletter@pocatellouu.org

Children’s RE Coordinator, cre@pocatellouu.org

Religious Exploration Coordinator, Jim Mariani, are@pocatellouu.org

Caring Committee, caring@pocatellouu.org

Membership Committee, membership@pocatellouu.org

Social Action Committee, socialaction@pocatellouu.org

Visitor Information, welcome@Pocatellouu.org

Website Editors, Braeden Udy & Richard Feuerborn,

Facebook Editor, facebook@pocatellouu.org