Author: Don Allen

Donated blankets

PUUF donated 24 blankets of various sizes, including a big duvet and a bedspread with pillow shams, to the Portneuf Valley Interfaith blanket drive. The PVIF goal was to collect 500 blankets for distribution to four local agencies: Aid For Friends, St. Vincent de Paul, … read more.

Moving Day Started on Friday, Oct 23

Moving Day was changed to Friday, October 23, to avoid the wintry weather predicted for Saturday. We had missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints help us tote the heavy items.

We may have a few residual items to move on Saturday, … read more.

Food Bank for October

Our scheduled dates for PUUF to volunteer at the Food Bank for this month are Wednesday, October 7, and Wednesday, October 21. You are welcome to begin at 5:00 or 5:30 pm, depending on your availability. The tasks are done by 7 pm, often earlier … read more.

Update on PUUF Moving Plan

The packing of PUUF items at the UCC building is nearly done. The dates for the next phases will be postponed a bit because we may be able to remove a wall during the next week. Removing the wall will open up a larger space … read more.

Moving Plans

Work is proceeding on remodeling the bathroom at PUUF’s new home. We are planning our moving schedule around that construction work as much as possible. Our current plan is as follows:

Packing items at UCC
We have four main areas to pack: the office, worship supplies in … read more.