Author: Jennifer Attebery

September and October Offertories

During September and October, the UU Fellowship is gathering offertories for the Idaho Food Bank. Our regional food bank distributes food to pantries across southeastern Idaho. Fellowship members also join together to work at the food bank every first Wednesday of the month, most recently … read more.

UUA Disaster Relief Fund

The Unitarian Universalist Association maintains a Disaster Relief Fund that has helped efforts by our sister congregations and their community partners in Texas and elsewhere in recovery from the recent winter storms and power outages. UUs who wish to donate to the fund can do … read more.

Religious Exploration in November – December

In keeping with our 2020-21 RE theme of social justice, November and December sessions will be devoted to Edgar Villanueva’s book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance.

The book is available from many bookstores/online purchasing sources. RE attendees will be able … read more.

PUUF – New Mailing Address

Our new mailing address is:

Pocatello UU Fellowship
P.O. Box 4578
Pocatello, ID 83205

Starting September 10 PUUF will be receiving mail at the above P.O. Box and new Zip Code.

New Home Found for PUUF

The PUUF Board and Rev. Jenny Peek toured the location recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Relocation at 426 West Lewis and the Board has agreed to lease this location beginning October 1. Rent and utilities will be slightly less than our current rent … read more.

Draft Behavioral Covenant

The PUUF board has approved use of this draft behavioral covenant during the 2020-21 year, leading up to its consideration at our 2021 annual meeting:

“In pursuit of beloved community, I endeavor to be responsible for my words and actions, and honor the rights, thoughts, … read more.

Town Hall Meeting – Sept. 20

Discussion of Sunday Worship Service Time – 5:00pm Sept. 20
The PUUF Board considered results of the survey regarding Sunday worship/RE meeting time at its August 25th meeting. Of the 15 responding, 12 agree we should shift to a morning time, 2 report … read more.

Summer Walking Group

A summer walking group of PUUFers has been taking 2-mile walks on Monday mornings. Pictured here is PUUF board vice-president Becky Hardy at the Hobo Statute turn-around point of last week’s walk. If interested, check the PUUF Facebook Forum.