Thrive Pocatello

Date(s) - Mar 27, 2022
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


4:30pm: Thrive Pocatello Exploration Discussion. Meet in person only (no online option). The UU Meeting House, 426 W Lewis Street.

Participants will share their insights and together explore whether a Thrive Pocatello hosted in our Fellowship Meeting House would serve the community well.

Where regionally dominant religion serves some, others are left wanting. seeks to create independent spaces wherever they are desired, by and for people who do not identify/belong/resonate with organized religions. Especially created for people questioning or transitioning from high demand religions,

Thrive Pocatello would explicitly welcome people who directly or indirectly have experienced harm, exclusion, exhaustion, disillusion, or disenfranchisement from any religious institution. Participants will express desire for community not contingent upon belonging to any particular faith.

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