Sunday Service – Letting Go and Welcoming In

New Year’s Service Sunday: “Letting Go and Welcoming In”. In 2023, what if anything in your life do you desire to ‘let go’? What will you welcome in?

For our Sunday morning gathering on New Year’s Day, we will share in the ritual of letting go and welcoming in.

To prepare, whether joining in person at our Meeting House or via Zoom, here are suggestions:

Letting Go: Items to collect: One or more flat stones, a Sharpie or marker for writing on the stone(s). (In-person, items will be available. Via Zoom, you will need the items on hand to participate during the ritual.) What might you let go for 2023? This could be a burden of spirit, for example feelings of bitterness, envy, regret, fear of uncertainty, or something else. We all have at different points in our lives these internalized road blocks. What comes to mind for you, that you might be ready to let go? When you have something in mind, write it on the stone(s). You might wish to keep your stone(s) in a pocket or near you for one or more days. When it comes to mind, hold them and think of what you’re letting go. When ready, cast the stone(s) into a moving body of water. If you cannot get to a stream or river, hold the stone(s) under running tap water for a few moments, then throw them far from you, on a walk or drive. The running water purifies and the casting away sets your intention of letting go.

Welcoming In: Items to collect: (In-person, items will be available. Via Zoom, you will need the items on hand to participate in the ritual.) A fire-safe bowl, pot or dish. Salt. Matches. Water, for dousing flames if necessary. A pencil or pen. Small pieces of paper. What might you welcome in for 2023? Unique to each of us in our current circumstances, this might be willingness to change, open-heartedness, courage in the face of some personal challenge, or something else. During this portion of the ritual, write your intentions—what you are welcoming in—on one or more small pieces of paper. When ready, lie them in your burning bowl and light them with a match. In this way, your intentions are lifted to the universe, for nurturance and growth in the coming months.

Attend in person at the Meeting House, 426 W Lewis, or via Zoom. Wearing a mask at the Meeting House is appreciated, and some are available if needed.

Find the Sunday Worship service on the Zoom links page: Links to On-Line Gatherings

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