Sunday Service Online – Is Hope Essential?

Is hope a requirement for humans to wake up each morning, for building the world of our dream? As a minister, Rev. Jenny Peek of Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship sometimes is asked to offer hopeful messages.

In our systemically racist and patriarchal society, when people are pushed to the margins for not fitting the narrowly defined privileged status (white, male, cisgender, heterosexual), where is hope then?

Does hope reign supreme in virtues needed for surviving and thriving — or does it fall down the chart, below attributes of resourcefulness, perseverance, and determination? What well would we draw from for sustenance, that we may honor our ancestors while owning our historical truths, toward building a just and equitable society today for our descendants of tomorrow?

Our worship service will be all about hope and its role in our lives. Rev. Jenny leads with Mark Neiwirth, Worship Coordinator.

Find the Sunday Worship service on the Zoom links page: Links to On-Line Gatherings

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