Sunday Service – Answer This Call

How Will We Answer This Call?” Is Social Justice work a spiritual practice? Do our principles, six sources of inspiration, and personal beliefs inform us to challenge inequitable societal laws and mores? How far will we go to comfort the afflicted and risk affliction? As Theodore Parker said it first—and Martin Luther King Jr said it best: “The moral arc of the universe is long, and it bends toward justice!”

Rev. Jenny shares her personal values and reflection on the recent UUA’s General Assembly delegates’ adoption of the Statement of Conscience, found here. Brian Attebery is our Worship Coordinator.

AND, this is our first duo-platform service! Up to 15 of us will comfortably fit, well-distanced. We have an air purifier, hand sanitizer, and some masks if you need one.
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Find the Sunday Worship service on the Zoom links page: Links to On-Line Gatherings

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