Sunday Service – Salon & Annual Meeting

Our elastic brains have recently been given a new directive to attend our first Summer Salon at 9:30 on Sunday, June 4th and stay for the annual meeting, at 10:30.

  • We will have Annual Meeting Packets to guide us.
  • We need all votes: absentee, zoomed in, or face to face.
  • We will vote whether to accept our own new By-laws.
  • We will vote on our new slate of Board Officers and Directors at Large.
  • We will review our Budget for the next fiscal year.

And the reward for all this morning activity? We have reservations for a Brunch at Cielito Lindo starting at 11:30. 1010 Pocatello Ave.

All who attend the meeting are invited to socialize together at Brunch! We will pay our own checks, but extra funds are available as needed.

Attend in person at the Meeting House, 426 W Lewis, or via Zoom. Wearing a mask at the Meeting House is appreciated, and some are available if needed.

For Zoom, use the “Sunday Worship and RE” link on this page: Links to On-Line Gatherings

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