Together, Wherever we Are

Join Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship this Sunday for an online worship gathering. While we practice social distancing, we can still be together.

The Fellowship’s Worship Committee and Rev. Jenny are working to bring a vibrant message and opportunity for all to share their joys and concerns. Our Linger Longer Social Hour will follow the service, with time to grab your coffee or tea.

What is Fellowship beyond the brick and mortar of a physical space? This is our time to reflect on just this question. If faith community is about the people, the practice of covenant, and deepening our understanding of our place in this one precious life we share, how does all this inform our relationship to ‘place’?

All online! To join in, click the link:

Worship Gatherings are on first, third, and fifth Sundays monthly, at 4:00 PM. Come as you are!

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