Topic: Diversity

Religious Exploration – Loving Relationships

Explore Valentine’s Day – Why Do We Celebrate Loving Relationships on February 14?

How are we connected to a 1500 year old past? What does this tell us about expressions of love and the qualities we have come to associate with it? During our meeting, … read more.

Sunday Service – Immigration Justice

Join us this Sunday for a special worship service. Your Worship Committee is preparing a morality play, focused on immigration justice. This promises to be an inspirational and relevant experience for us all.

Sunday Service – When My Life Becomes Prayer

“When My Life Becomes Prayer”

Our Fellowship’s monthly theme for March is “prayer’. Today’s worship service will examine a few people in history whose very lives might be called a living prayer.

Here is a link to the audio recording of Rev. Jenny’s … read more.

Sunday Service – Inherent Worth and Dignity

“Inherent worth and dignity are all well and good, but . . .”

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm and promote seven principles, the first of which is “the inherent worth and dignity of every person”. How do we live true to this principle, when … read more.

Sunday Service – Letting Go, Welcoming In

We will enjoy rituals of letting go and welcoming in. Letting go can mean past regrets, leaving a job or relationship, habits or behaviors. Welcoming in can be a fresh attitude, a strategy for an adventure, a new habit, career change. Each of us knows … read more.