Religious Exploration – Loving Relationships

Explore Valentine’s Day – Why Do We Celebrate Loving Relationships on February 14?

How are we connected to a 1500 year old past? What does this tell us about expressions of love and the qualities we have come to associate with it? During our meeting, we will be enlightened and surprised by our answers. There will be a 20 minute segment providing background and the remainder of the time given over to discussion.

ISU Professor Emerita of history, Stephanie Christelow, PhD, will give the presentation and lead the discussion.

E-mail Jim Mariani at with any questions. Helpful background information: PBS Frontline series From Jesus to ChristThe Diversity
Of Early Christianity | From Jesus To Christ – The First Christians | FRONTLINE | PBS.

This will be a morning service. Find the Sunday Worship and RE links on the Zoom links page: Links to On-Line Gatherings


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