Speaker: Becky Hardy

Religious Exploration – FORGIVENESS

Join us for RE facilitated by Becky.  Not only does the topic have historical, religious significance, it is also a well studied concept regarding mental health in individuals. We will explore many facets of “forgiveness” during our hour together. All are welcome.

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Religious Exploration – Labyrinths

We will explore a brief history of labyrinth existence and their prevalence around the world. We will also note the use and popularity of labyrinths today at churches, hospitals and sanctuaries.

Informal conversation is welcome after the hour.

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Religious Exploration – Ageism

The topic of Ageism will be the focus of Religious Exploration on October 25th. at 4pm. Facilitated by Becky Hardy, we will examine various definitions of ageism. Most of us encounter this form of bias  in one way or another throughout our life span. Interestingly … read more.

Religious Exploration – The Numinous

Awe, Wonder, and Appreciation of the Numinous.

Numinous, an adjective, was believed by Rudolf Otto (a German Lutheran theologian and philosopher, who lived from 1869-1937) to describe a “profound emotional experience at the heart of the world’s religions”.  He believed specifically that … read more.