Religious Exploration – The Numinous

Awe, Wonder, and Appreciation of the Numinous.

Numinous, an adjective, was believed by Rudolf Otto (a German Lutheran theologian and philosopher, who lived from 1869-1937) to describe a “profound emotional experience at the heart of the world’s religions”.  He believed specifically that the numinous religious experiences were distinctly different from other emotions and not just an internal response to belief in divine reality. He thought these experiences could “arouse spiritual or religious emotion;” that these experiences could be “mysterious or awe-inspiring”…could be “non-rational, non-sensory… who’s primary and immediate object is outside oneself… “We will also explore modern day thoughts on Mystery and Awe alongside Rudolf Otto’s. If you have an interest in these concepts or have had your own experiences and would like to share, please join us.

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