Topic: Mystery

Summer Salon Online

This week’s topic: “Spiritual Experiences: An Enigma” Have you ever had an experience that changed your life and can be explained only as one of a spiritual nature? How do uncanny coincidences figure into this? Where do spiritual experiences come from? Join our discussion at the August 8 Salon, at 9:30am. Zoom link: Summer … Continue reading Summer Salon Online

Religious Exploration – The Numinous

Awe, Wonder, and Appreciation of the Numinous. Numinous, an adjective, was believed by Rudolf Otto (a German Lutheran theologian and philosopher, who lived from 1869-1937) to describe a “profound emotional experience at the heart of the world’s religions”.  He believed specifically that the numinous religious experiences were distinctly different from other emotions and not just … Continue reading Religious Exploration – The Numinous