Topic: Mystery

Summer Salon Online

This week’s topic: “Spiritual Experiences: An Enigma” Have you ever had an experience that changed your life and can be explained only as one of a spiritual nature? How do uncanny coincidences figure into this? Where do spiritual experiences come from? Join our discussion at … read more.

Religious Exploration – Labyrinths

We will explore a brief history of labyrinth existence and their prevalence around the world. We will also note the use and popularity of labyrinths today at churches, hospitals and sanctuaries.

Informal conversation is welcome after the hour.

All are welcome to join and bring your own … read more.

Religious Exploration – The Numinous

Awe, Wonder, and Appreciation of the Numinous.

Numinous, an adjective, was believed by Rudolf Otto (a German Lutheran theologian and philosopher, who lived from 1869-1937) to describe a “profound emotional experience at the heart of the world’s religions”.  He believed specifically that … read more.