Topic: Philosophy

Sunday Service – Origins of Humanism

Rev. Jenny has a special treat for us this Sunday! Through the wonders of time travel, come meet the “Father of Religious Humanism”: John H. Dietrich. Learn about this significant shift in Unitarianism, and how it continues to impact us today.

Here is a link the … read more.

Sunday Service – The Nature of Truth

The Nature of Truth and How Lies are Infecting our Culture

Truth ever universal or absolute, or is it only lower case “t” for “personal truth”? Let’s honor truth with an honest exploration of what it is or may be, and … read more.

Religious Exploration – The Numinous

Awe, Wonder, and Appreciation of the Numinous.

Numinous, an adjective, was believed by Rudolf Otto (a German Lutheran theologian and philosopher, who lived from 1869-1937) to describe a “profound emotional experience at the heart of the world’s religions”.  He believed specifically that … read more.